Hamantaschen Recipes (2023)

A selection of hamantaschen from Breads Bakery, Silver Moon Bakery, Modern Bread and Bagel, Hungarian Pastry Shop and Erica’s Rugelach. (Photos courtesy of bakeries; image design by Mollie Suss)

Recipes from my blog "Cooking with Yiddishe mama"

Pareve Hamantaschen

Lemon hamantaschen with Chocolate-Chestnut filling

Crispy eggless hamantashen winner of local cooking contest

Hamantaschen with dough recipe created in Australia

Hamantaschen with orange juice

Cheesy Hamantaschen

Honey Oatmeal Hamantaschen

Super delicate Apple Almond Hamantaschen

Pistachio Hamantaschen with lekvar plum butter

Hamantaschen with Almond Streusel

Hamantaschen with Cranberry filling

Buttery Almond Hamantaschen with Fruity Filling

Tender Flaky hamantaschen with Prune Filling

Carrot Cake Hamantaschen

Savory Hamantaschen Mediterranean Style

Hamantaschen with Mushroom-Cabbage Filling Empanada Style


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